Slovenia: Self-consumption solar systems number doubled

, SEE Energy News

At the end of last year, Slovenia had 8,641 renewable energy systems for the production of electricity for self-consumption by households, public buildings and companies. and their combined installed capacity at the end of 2020 reached 103 MW, according to the Slovenian Energy Agency. Of these, most are self-consumption solar systems – 8,614. It is particularly interesting to note that their number has approximately doubled in 2020, since there were 4,664 such systems installed at the end of 2019.

In addition, Slovenia had 24 self-consumption hydropower systems at the end of 2020 (18 in 2019) and three wind farms (two at the end of 2019). The installation of self-consumption renewable energy systems started in mid-2016, when a decree on the promotion of the use of electricity from renewable sources from power plants for individual consumption came into force in Slovenia.