Slovenia, Unit 6 of TPP Sostanj offline during the weekend

, SEE Energy News

Thermal power plant Sostanj announced that its unit 6 will be offline during the weekend due to a fault in electrostatic filter.

The statement from the company said that the filter has to be repaired in order to maintain the emission of particles within allowed limits. During the downtime, electricity will be produced by unit 5, while gas-fired unit would also be used if necessary.

Unit 6 produced a total of 1,713 GWh of electricity and 165.8 GWh of thermal energy in 2021 so far. The average availability of unit 6 in the past three years was 97 %.

Unit 6 was last unexpectedly taken offline in April this year, as the hydraulic oil of the safety reduction station was found to be leaking. It was taken offline in May due to planned overhaul, and was reconnected to the grid at the end of July.