Small hydro power plants in Montenegro electricity supply security increase

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According to the provisions of the Energy Law, in Montenegro SHPPs are defined as HPPs with the installed capacity of up to 10 MW. The installed capacity of 7 (seven) existing SHPPs amounts to 8,92 MW with the achieved annual generation of 21,4 GWh.

The total installed capacity of the Montenegrin electric power system amounts to 868 MW, most of which comes from two large HPPs (Perucica HPP and Piva HPP). The existing SHPPs’ share in the capacity of the generation units (facilities) is at the level of only 1,1%, while the share of generation of SHPPs in the total annual generation of the EPS of Montenegro as per average achieved values is 0,9%. In connection to this, it should be borne in mind that Montenegro procures approximately 1/3 of its total electric power needs from other systems, hence the contribution of SHPPs to coverage of total consumption is even smaller. Two thirds of electric power are generated in large HPPs, while one third is generated in Pljevlja TPP.

The Electric Power Company of Montenegro (EPCG AD Nik