Spot prices halved in four days

, SEE Energy News

The spot prices of electricity on the European stock exchanges on Monday rose slightly to moderately compared to Sunday, and in the previous four days they were halved in some markets, according to data from

Thus, the price of electricity for delivery on Tuesday, December 20, in Hungary was 214.4 euros per MWh, and on December 16, it was 414 euros per MWh. The price for delivery on Monday, December 19, was 207.8 euros per MWh.

The spot price in Austria was 221.2 euros per MWh on Tuesday, and 426.6 euros per MWh on December 16.

In the same period, the spot price in France fell from 410.6 euros per MWh to 200.1 euros per MWh.

On the day-ahead market in Serbia, the day-ahead price for delivery on Tuesday was 218 euros per MWh, compared to 355 euros per MWh on December 16. On Monday, it fell to 183.7 euros per MWh.

In the previous five days, the Bulgarian and Romanian spot price fell from 293.8 euros per MWh to 213.7 euros per MWh. The price on both markets on Monday was 197.4 euros per MWh.

The spot price in Slovenia in the period from December 16 to 20 was reduced from 408.6 to 213.5 euros per MWh, and in Croatia from 388.6 to 213.9 euros per MWh.

In Greece, the price fell from 260.6 euros per MWh to 216.7 euros per MWh in this period. On Monday, the price was 200.6 euros per MWh.

The most expensive European market on Tuesday was Switzerland – 258.2 euros per MWh, while the cheapest electricity was traded in Spain and Portugal – around 65 euros per MWh.