Stable electricity situation in Serbia

20. November 2012. / News Serbia Energy

Electricity situation in Serbia is stable, and over the last few days, hydrological conditions improved as well. Hydro power plant production in the “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” was significantly higher than at the beginning of October. And the flow of water in Danube recently reached 6000 cubic meters per second, which is twice more than just a 3100 cubic meters per second, which is how much was the flow a month ago.

EPS hydro power plants – are producing 26.5 million kilowatt – hours a day now, which is twice more than last month, when production was about 12, 5 million kilowatt – hours a day. Volume of accumulation is at a much better level, which provides additional safety to system operation. And EPS thermal capacity – are completely ready and working smoothly, and the additional stability of the system is expected in early December, when block 2 of the thermal power plant Kostolac B will be on the grid
Electricity consumption in the last few days, has been about 100 million kilowatt – hours a day, somewhat less than the average in November. Higher flows in rivers in Serbia, filling of accumulations and preparedness of complete production system guarantee a safe and stable supply of electricity to all customers.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine

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