Submission for identifying projects of energy community interest opened

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On November 7, 2012, on behalf of the Energy Strategy Task Force, the Energy Community Secretariat (EnCS) has launched the Request for project proposals for identification of potential Projects of Energy Community Interest (PECIs)  in electricity, gas and oil sectors.

Interested project promoters of electricity and gas transmission projects, gas and electricity storage projects, electricity generation projects, Liquefied Natural Gas projects, Compressed Natural Gas, as well as storage facilities for oil, and transport of crude oil projects, are invited to submit information on their projects until December 10.

On October 18, 2012, the Energy Community Ministerial Council adopted a Regional Energy Strategy which strives to harmonise the existing national strategies and plans within the EnC. Huge energy infrastructure investment needs were one of crucial reasons for the adoption of the Energy Strategy.

These projects should encourage market integration and opening, security and continuity of supply and provide cross-border advantages in several Contracting Parties at the same time. In parallel with PECIs implementation, as early as in 2013, it is planned to adopt relevant political and regulatory measures and provide technical assistance and financial mechanisms.

As it is similarly the case within the European Union, PECIs will be selected based on a methodology which will be developed by an independent consultant, on behalf of the Task Force. The consultant will also be engaged to assist in the implementation of selected projects, the EnCS stated.

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