TENT biggest electricity producer, investment cycle in environment and modernization of power gen facilities 2017

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According to the assessments for regional SEE energy market since 1990 the consumption of electricity is increased for 164 times. New investments in energy infrastructure are precondition for further economic development of the countries. In Serbian energy industry, in next seven to eight years investments of 9 bill euro are expected as well as the increase of renewable energy sources usage in total power gen system of Serbia.

Energy sector, specially during last several years as main driver influences the overall economic and social development of the country. According to Petar Skundric, energy sector advisor to PM, the investment cycle in energy sector of Serbia is restarted and is the main driver of Serbian economy, it was stated on the opening of regional energy sector conference RE;Energy held on Friday in Belgrade Hyatt hotel.

The conference address the issues and biggest challenges of regional energy industry, solutions and best examples in securing the electricity supply. Price policy of electricity is still the main factor for construction of sustainable energy market, while in the area of electricity trade further cross border cooperation is needed in order to secure the supply.

Deputy director of Corporate Enterprise Thermal Power Plants Nikola Tesla (CE TENT) Djordji Biljanovski presented to international and domestic audience the results and achievements of TENT modernization projects on power gen facilities but also environmental projects. TENT managed to increase the output power of its power gen units, address all environmental issues and raised the standards in regional energy power sector, fulfilling all EU environmental standards. The investment plants for upcoming period up to 2017 was also presented, showing the power gen reliability, power and energy efficiency which all are on satisfactory level and within the average of best European power gen facilities.

High production goals are based on reliability increase of the power gen facilities which were achieved with their overhaul and modernization in last ten years which resulted in production increase for 3,2bil kwh of electricity. With environmental modernization cycle we decreased the coal consumption for 400.000 tons per year. Thanks to the modernization cycle energy efficiency in TENT power gen facilities is increased for 17%, stated Biljanovski.

According to Deputy Director Biljanovski, in next five years TENT is expecting important work on facilities further modernization and realization of environmental projects ( ESP A3, B1 and Morava Plant ESP, Nox decrease, ash transport system on TENT A and the most important project in Serbia, the flue gas desulphurization project on TENT A. FGD project is most expensive project in environmental protection system of TENT.

Total investments in environmental projects on all 4 locations of TENT are 600 mil euros, but also additional 400 will be invested for further power gen facilities modernization in order to extend their operation life, increase the reliability and energy efficiency, explained Biljanovski.

Regional conference gathered more than 130 representatives of domestic and primarily foreign companies which are working in the region. The event was organized with support of Dutch and Canadian embassy, supported by lead media partner Serbia-Energy.com. Corporate support came from TENT power plants, Mining company Kolubara and EFT Group.

Source Serbia-energy.com