The fourth week of August brings a slight increase in spot prices in Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Hungary

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The fourth week of August brings a slight increase in spot prices in Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Hungary. On the other hand, the Slovenian BSP recorded a decrease of 13 euros per MWh, and the Serbian SEEPEX about 2 euros per MWh.

Spot prices in the region averaged from 103 euros per MWh on the Serbian SEEPEX to 108 euros per MWh on the Romanian stock exchange OPCOM and the Hungarian HUPX.

The increase in spot prices is due to the growth of the European carbon price, which reached 65.64 euros per MWh on Tuesday. At the same time, gas remains expensive, and at the Romanian DAM it has stabilized close to this year’s record – at 45 euros per MWh, which is 14% more than two weeks ago.

In the week from 21 to 27 August on the Serbian stock exchange SEEPEX, electricity at DAM only for the weekend cost below 103 euros per MWh. However, the average weekly price follows the trend of a slight decline in August and amounts to 104.6 euros per MWh (compared to last week’s 106.3 euros per MWh and 118.5 euros per MWh two weeks ago).

In the same period, the lowest price on IBEX DAM was 95.22 euros per MWh, and the highest – 117.37 euros per MWh.

The increase in the production of the state-owned TPP Marica East 2 brought a significant but short-term drop in price by 20% in the previous week, so that this week the average spot price returned to the level of over 100 euros per MWh.

Thus, Bulgaria records the largest jump in the spot price in the region, and the average on the spot market on a weekly basis increased to 105.4 euros per MWh, from 98.7 euros in the previous week.

The situation in the country remains unstable – two parallel investigations are underway due to high prices on IBEX, and state power plants – hydropower plants NEK and NE Kozloduy do not enter the futures market with larger amounts of electricity, which is a prerequisite for concluding transparent long-term contracts. could contribute to predictability and reduce market volatility.

Even on the Greek market, the record value from two weeks ago of close to 160 euros per MWh was not repeated. The lowest price was realized on August 21 – 98.6 euros per MWh, and the highest on August 26 – 118.84 euros per MWh.

Electricity cost an average of 107 euros per MWh on a weekly basis, compared to 104.8 euros per MWh in the previous week.

The Bulgarian and Greek markets were flooded only on August 23rd and 25th.

At OPCOM DAM electricity this week, as well as the previous ones, it was traded for over 95 euros per MWh, and only during the weekend the price fell below the threshold of 109 euros per MWh.

The average spot price on OPCOM DAM increased by 2 euros compared to the previous week, from 106.1 euros per MWh to 108 euros per MWh.

The conclusion of several large contracts on the futures market did not contribute to the stabilization of the situation, considering that they were concluded at a price of around 113 euros per MWh, for delivery in the first quarter of 2022.

The Romanian and Hungarian markets have been buzzing all week.

On BSP and CROPEX, the average weekly price was reduced by about 13 euros, to 105.6 euros per MWh, from 119.2 euros per MWh a week earlier. Electricity exceeded the threshold of 103 euros per MWh for almost the entire week, except on Saturdays and Sundays.