The influence of South Stream on Serbia energy security

7. June 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Works on Serbian Sector of South Stream may begin at the end of this or in the beginning of the next year- Director of Srbijagas’s Sector for Development, Milan Zdravkovic said.

He announced this, when he was promoting realization plans for this project through our country, at the summit for infrastructure and construction at West Balkan in Vienna.

Zdravkovic stated that he had emphasized benefits of the project which will change energy structure and potential in region significantly”.

“To show a degree of project readiness for realization is some kind of satisfaction at some point”, he said and added that procedure of performer election and equipment supply is expected to happen at the beginning of second half of a year, according to the plans.

Zdravkovic stressed that he thinks this can’t endanger South Stream, when he was asked about influences from west in favor to “Nabucco” gas pipeline.

“Energy is very strong component in nowadays and in the future. There are geopolitical interests of course. Advantage of the region and Europe is the idea that there is a range of options and choice of one option does not decrease quality or strength of other options”, he estimated.

Zdravkovic indicated that there is a storage of natural gas “Banatski dvor” which provides meaningful protection to Serbia at the moment, when he was commenting Serbian energy safety.

He added that the construction of new warehouses that would provide higher level of energy safety of the state and region and integration of Serbia to energy market in a high quality way.

“Srbijagas is determined for energy development in gas section in the scope of its authorities”, Zdravkovic stressed and pointed that the fact is that gas will have significant role from the aspect of available, clean and safe energy use.

“This won’t decrease need for development of other sources like renewable energy sources, but natural gas need to be a healthy base to all of this” he concluded.

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