The share of wind in the energy mix in Romania 38.3% on Monday

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Romanian windmills produced a total of 62.2 GWh of electricity on Monday, January 9. Their share in the total production of electricity in the country was 38.3%, according to data from

Thanks to this, Romania exported electricity throughout the day, with a capacity of 730 MW to as much as 1,910 MW, according to data from the transmission system operator Transelectrica. Wind was the leading energy source, with over 2,150 MW throughout the day. In second place is gas, with around 1,700 MW, and nuclear energy, with around 1,350 MW.

In second place in terms of wind production in the region is Montenegro, with a wind share of close to 29% and 2.7 GWh produced. Followed by Croatia, with 13.6 GWh (27.2% of total production) and Greece, with 32 GWh (24% of total production).

Strong wind production was recorded in most of Europe, with Denmark and Spain in the lead, which reached around 45% of the share of wind energy in the energy mix in both countries. Germany follows, with a 39.5% share and a production of 473.1 GWh.

On Monday, wind power covered a quarter of Europe’s total electricity needs. This share was even higher on Saturday and Sunday – 28.4% and 31.6%, respectively.