Turkey: HPP Deriner 670MW marks high June output

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One of the most important Turkish electricity power generation facilities, 670MW HPP Deriner marked historic output in June and with delivered quantity contributed significantly to Turkish energy system.

Deriner Hydroelectric Power Plant produced 298 megawatt hours of electricity and hit a historic high monthly production record in June, Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, DSI announced.

Deriner hydro power plant (HPP) contributed to Turkey’s economy with its production of 2.5 billion kilowatt/hours of power generating income worth 23MEUR, DSI announced through Turkey’s Electricity Generation Company’s data.

The Coruh River feeds the Deriner Dam and HPP in Artvin in the northeast of Turkey. The Deriner dam embankment is Turkey’s highest at 249 meters, and is the sixth highest in the world.

Deriner HPP’s water storage capacity is 1.9 billion cubic meters and its installed capacity is 670 megawatts. It produced 2.1 million kilowatt/hours of electricity since it began production in December 2012. , transmits Serbia-energy.eu