Turkey: Istanbul power exchange eyes market coupling with Balkans exchanges

, SEE Energy News

General Manager of Istanbul Energy Exchange (EXIST), Huseyin Savas said that talks related to collaboration with energy markets of neighboring countries are still in progress.

Savas pointed out that talks with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania regarding the energy market collaboration have gained momentum, but Turkey is currently open for discussion with any market interested in merging. He explained that Turkey will become regional energy hub due to its geostrategic position and its increasing electricity consumption and production, therefore it is interested in mergers with Georgia, Iran, Arabian countries, Cyprus and the Balkans, adding that talks regarding the merger with Georgian and Bulgarian energy markets will probably bring results in 2018- 19.

Savas also mentioned the activities on the development of natural gas spot market model, adding that natural gas market operating under EXIST might be opened in the first quarter of 2017. He said that EXIST is currently conducting feasibility studies for other possible markets such as carbon, green certificates, coal and petrol, transmits Serbia-energy.eu