Why the expenses of South Stream project in Serbia are still secret?

17. April 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Serbia has invested tens  of millions of EUR so far in the project of South Stream construction in Serbia. Data about actual spent budget which was spent on the project are unfamiliar to the public at the same time.

This project in Serbia is led by PC Srbijagas, on Government’s decision. This company refuses to respect the law for information accessibility because documents about consuming the assets for South Stream construction cannot be delivered without approval from Russian partner.

B92 TV station crew of the show Insajder sent a request to Srbijagas for documentation delivery for assets’ use and for indebtedness of this company of almost billion EUR that all citizens suppose to pay.

Insajder journalists sent an appeal to Commissioner for Information of Public Importance after Srbijagas hadn’t respected the law after several months still.

Srbijagas answered on Insajder’s appeal with an explanation of keeping the good relationship with foreign partner. In this answer was stated that Srbijagas is not in a position to deliver mentioned documentation before issuing the approval. Rodoljub Sabic Commissioner for Information of Public Importance stresses that Srbijagas’s explanations cannot be the reason for hiding the data about spending the money.

Commissioned sent obligated solution to Srbijagas to deliver us all documents in five days. Srbijagas whose establisher is Serbian Government hasn’t done anything in accordance with a solution even after this deadline.

“Idea about that was that anyone, especially foreign partner, can decide if Serbian publicity has right to know how much budget assets are invested in some business or in which way we use our enormous material resources that are in state’s ownership. So from the point of citizens from this country, this is absolutely unacceptable”, Sabic says.

Internal document Insajder group found shows how much is the money business in Srbijagas hidden. Employees are forbidden to give data about Srbijagas’s business with an announcement which is given to all services in this company.

It is written in the document:

Many attempts of certain persons trying to reach data about PC Srbijagas are registered.

It is necessary to inform employees that Managing Director’s Office has authority to issue these documents.

Every unofficial issuing certain data will be considered as severe damage to work obligation.

Insajder group is preparing the serial where all of the details of Energy Agreement between Serbia and Russia about investment that government representatives call the century project, about the way of importing and who earns this way and why we are for almost billion EUR in loss will be represented.

Source;Serbia Energy/B92



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