“Zijin” is a strategic partner that has changed the east of Serbia

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The Minister of Mining and Energy, Dubravka Đedović, stated today, during a meeting with representatives of the “Ziđin Majnin Group”, that sustainable mining is Serbia’s priority. Đedović said that the Ministry is always ready to help the implementation of projects in the field of mining, with prior fulfillment of legal regulations and requirements related to environmental protection, the Ministry announced.

The Minister pointed out that the “Ziđin Mining Group” companies are a strategic partner that has significantly changed the image of eastern Serbia, bearing in mind that they employ more than 7,000 workers and that the average salaries of employees in the company are significantly above the national average.

“They are slowly changing the economic map and position of our country, because Serbia will become the second largest European producer of copper and one of the largest producers of gold in the years ahead, primarily thanks to the Čukaru Peka mine”, Đedović said.

It is reported that they reported to the minister about the realized investments in production and environmental protection, as well as the dynamics and development plan of the mine. They pointed out that “Ziđin Mining Group” had invested 2.233 billion dollars since its arrival in Serbia until the end of October this year, that pays great attention to the protection of the environment, in which 253 million dollars have been invested so far, as well as that the average wages of workers exceed 110,000 dinars, Euronews reports.