Albania, Electricity imports in 2022 should exceed 550 million euros

, SEE Energy News

Albanian state-owned Power Corporation (KESH) said that, due to better hydrological situation in the country, electricity imports during September and October were by 100 million euros lower than initially projected.

KESH estimates that savings could be even better if the hydrology keeps improving by the end of the year. Electricity imports in October alone amounted to some 50 million euros, significantly less than initially projected amount of 80 million euros.

It is estimated that electricity imports in November will drop from planned 120 million to 77 million euros, while December estimate has been lowered from 146 million to 76 million euros.

However, even with these, lower figures, the amount of electricity imports for the entire 2022 will exceed 550 million euros. In the first ten months of the year imports amounted to 400 million euros, with additional 150 million expected in the last two months. The average price of imported electricity for November and December should range between 320 and 380 euros/MWh.

KESH also requested from the Government to continue subsidizing part of electricity imports.

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