Albania: Electricity prices for households price trends

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The Electricity price is calculated as euro per Kilowatt/hour and it is measured as the average household consumption. In Albania the official electricity price is paid with two tariff system, one tariff is for consumption under 300 kW/h per month with price of 9.24 lek (0.066 euro) and for consumption above 300 kWh with price of 16.2 lek, (0.16 euro). Value Added Tax is included in this price. The official electricity prices have not changed in Albania since 2008.

Analysis compared electricity prices for household consumers in Albania, its neighboring countries and as well, with the countries of the European Union. Data used for this comparison are collected and published by the European Union statistical office, Eurostat.

But disregard the official prices Eurostat estimates that effective price paid by households in Albania is 0.116 euro per kW/h .

These data are valid for the first quarter of 2013 when consumption is generally higher in Albania then in the summer and the average price paid per kWh is also higher.

In the neighboring countries, only Romania has higher price then Albania. Romanians paid 0.132 euro/kWh, while other countries have lower prices. Montenegro pays 0.1 euro/kWh while households in Bulgaria pay 0.092 euro per kW/h. In Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Macedonia, electricity price for households is just 0.08 euro per kWh.

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