Albania: Energy and pensions, Rama plans to issue 500 mln USD

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The collection of electricity bills is expected to bring normality to the state affairs at least until after 2016 . These major reform expected to be taken in the first two years of new government and according to estimates by financial experts , is expected to generate more than $ 500 million plus budget.

Interventions in the electricity market in all dimensions is expected to generate new opportunities for revenue growth in the budget , therefore , the economic growth of the country . The first opportunity to see the collection of energy bills , after two years , due to problems with the Czechs CEZ is only half the energy bill introduced into the network. The damage created by default the light has generated a loss of nearly 200 million euro’s during the year . If you could meet only half of this amount , the chain of public finances would mark a significant improvement . The reform is expected to include the oil sector , providing a high transparency for public and private companies to exploit resources .
Energy reform , negotiations and actions

Despite problems in which the company CEZ , with a series of trials in Arbitration , is set to be one of the main sources for generating revenue . And it will happen to collect money distributed energy network. The new government is seeking a substantial reform in this direction , combining the two lines . First we will start negotiations with the Czechs CEZ to solve problems outside the company’s ownership of Arbitration , while the second line is finding a way to collect bills . This action is intended to be combined with the reduction of the VAT scheme which is expected to stimulate energy payments . By increasing bills , the state budget will not subsidize the import of energy , but rather will increase tax collection from the profit that the company will pay in tax rates.

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