Albania: Fierza lake cross border influence of electricity production

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” Alarming and unacceptable ” , considered the pollution in Lake Fierza , Director of the hydropower station , Ergys look yellow . He has sought cross-border implementation of the Convention between Albania , Kosovo and Macedonia , for maintaining a clean environment especially when it comes to the river cascade .

Fierza plant director said that AEC has set up a working group to verify the situation , and asked for cooperation of all institutions for an end to this disastrous situation for the environment .

Meanwhile , by the prefecture different from what was stated yesterday has not started cleaning residues on the surface of the lake , but verify the situation . Currently there are 6 groups that are operating on the ground . Polluted area of Lake Fierza turns 25 square kilometers . According to the prefecture are contacted by firms which make recycling of waste for cooperation .

Once there are 120 cubic meter plastic waste , hospital , urban and chemicals in Lake Fierza that cannot be destroyed by burning in the area . In 1993 Lake Fierza by the Council of Ministers has declared a priority area for tourism development . But, despite this decision and frequent denunciations Fierza pollution facing a weird situation .

Spurred by this pollution of them, except Drin basin runoff and downloaded tons of waste , is filed yesterday Task Force for intervention and cleaning the lake . Regarding this fact , the following day Task Force is expected to begin work on cleaning the lake .

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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