Albania: HPP Skavica construction will be financed by the Government

, SEE Energy News

Hydropower plant Skavica on the Drin river in northern Albania, a project worth some 350 million euros will be financed by the Government, said Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Last year, state-owned Power Corporation (KESH) launched a feasibility study for the construction of HPP Skavica. The company said in a statement that 21-month feasibility study for HPP Skavica will be conducted with the support of a group of consultants from Infrastructure Project Facility – Technical Assistance 6 (IPF 6) and financed by the Western Balkan Investment Frakmework (WBIF). This phase of the project is supported by the WBIF with a grant worth 1.5 million euros awarded to KESH at WBIF meeting held in 2017. KESH said that HPP Skavica is an ambitious and significant project for reforming and further developing the Albanian electricity sector.

In 2015, the Government failed to award concession for the construction and operation of the HPP despite the interest of two Turkish companies.





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