Albania: Increased solar and wind potential

, SEE Energy News

Albania’s potential in renewable energy, namely wind and solar, is more than 7 GW, which is three times more than the country’s current total installed capacity, According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The study, developed by IRENA in cooperation with the Albanian Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, shows that Albania could use solar and wind resources to diversify its energy sources, thus lowering its dependence on rainfall, mitigating its exposure to external factors and building stability. The country has one of the highest shares of renewable energy in Southeast Europe, but its dependence on hydropower energy sources makes it vulnerable to climatic externalities.

The report also suggests policy and regulatory measures and recommendations for the development of a National Energy and Climate Plan that will set renewable energy targets to 2030. Proactive planning for variable renewables-based electricity generation and network infrastructure could minimize network disturbances and increase the quality of energy supply while ensuring economic viability. Furthermore, existing support mechanisms for renewable energy deployment should be strengthened and approval processes streamlined. It also envisages the establishment of a dedicated renewable energy agency to coordinate the development of renewables in line with national and international obligations.

Actions such as refurbishing existing electricity distribution networks, allowing for cross-bidirectional cross-border electricity flows and including more renewable energy in end-use sectors such as transport, and heating and cooling, are also encouraged by the report.