Albania: KESH’s electricity sale in March

, SEE Energy News

Albanian state-owned Power Corporation (KESH) sold a total of 25.7 GWh of electricity at the latest tender for the delivery of electricity between 22 and 28 March. At the previous tender, the company sold 26.3 Gwh of electricity for the delivery in the third week of March and 35.6 GWh for the delivery between 8 and 14 March. For the first week of the month, KESH sold 52.8 GWh of electricity at two separate tenders.

At the latest tender, electricity was sold in three lots. Lot 1 covered 9,240 MWh of base energy at the average price of 53.74 euros/MWh. Lot 2 was related to 5,040 MWh of night product (00:00-06:00), which was sold at the average price of 44.42 euros/MWh, while the third lot contained 12,446 MWh of electricity for 07:00-21:00 delivery and sold for 57.5 euros/MWh. Very favorable hydrological situation continues in Albania, which is why KESH sold production surpluses on the free market throughout February and March. As the company announced last week, HPP Fierza produces about 5,700 MWh per day, HPP Koman – 8,600 MWh and HPP Vau te Dejes – 4,120 MWh. The levels in the accumulations are close to the maximum values, but currently there are no controlled discharges of water.