Albania: Is Albania facing power restrictions?

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Hydrological situation in Albania is alarming due to the lack of rainfall during the winter and great droughts in the recent months. According to the Albanian Energy Corporation (KESH), the water level in the cascade on the river Drim has declined significantly, with big difference compared to the same period last year.

For example, the water level in the HPP Fierza dropped on quota of 274.79 meters to a maximum of 296 meters, an inflow of 84 cubic meters per second. In the same period last year, the water level at the same hydroelectric plant was 291.26 meters.

Water level in the HPP Koman is 172.24 meters of 175 meters maximum with average inflow of 193 cubic meters per second while in HPP Vau and Dejes, the water level is at 74.45 feet quota of a maximum of 76 meters, with the influx of 216 cubic meters per second.

Experts point that this situation will prolong because meteorologists not predict precipitation in the coming days.

However, the Deputy Minister of Energy, Ilir Bejtja for TCH confirmed that energy is ensured, regardless of the situation and that they are not planning restrictions.

“So far we have bought a reserve of 350,000 kW per day. If the condition does not improve, our scenario is to continue to purchase power from the region. our problem is not the transfer of energy suppliers but suppliers themselves. Does this mean that there will be a price rise? Certainly not, “said Bejtja.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk


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