Albania: KESH sold 25,035 MWh of electricity for 17-31 March delivery

, SEE Energy News

Albanian state-owned Power Corporation (KESH) said that it has sold 25,035 MWh of electricity, worth some 380,000 euros, for the delivery between 17 and 31 March, at two auctions held on 15 March.

The prices achieved at the auction ranged from 11.65 euros/MWh to 13.55 euros/MWh for the first lot, 11.71 to 15.11 euros/MWh for the second lot, 11.5 to 30.19 euros/MWh for the third lot, 11.55 to 21.18 euros/MWh for the fourth lot, 11.55 to 25.34 euros/MWh for the fifth lot, 11.44 to 13.72 euros/MWh for the sixth lot and 11.65 to 13.43 euros/MWh for the seventh lot. A total of eight bidders submitted their offers at the auction, and KESH accepted seven of them: Danske Commodities, EFT, Future Energy, GSA, GEN-I, HSE and LE Trading.

KESH already sold 398,860 MWh of electricity, worth some 13.5 million euros, for the delivery between 1 and 31 March, at the auction held on 25 February.