Albania: OSHEE electricity DSO company stabilized financial position in 2015

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Operator for Electricity Distribution OSHEE data for the balance sheet of 2015 show significant increase collections and reduction of losses .

OSHEE has collected in total for 2015 65.7 billion lek and in 2014 collected 49.7 billion and 38.3 billion in 2013 alone.

The level of losses for 2015 decreased to 31.3%. A year ago they were 37.8% and in 2013 reached 45%.

Distribution Operator for the first time come up with a positive financial result. In 2013 the financial result was negative 27 billion while in 2014 4.5 billion negative. By preliminary data, the balance of OSHEE for 2015 appears positive with 14.9 billion.

New connections, as another indicator of restoring legality in electricity consumption increased by 34% compared with a year ago while 34 thousand meters were installed.

This improved economic situation has enabled OSHEE to increase necessary investments to improve the distribution network. During 2015, investments were 7.5 billion lek from internal funds of OSHEE, transmits