Albania: Power trading, EFT decreases market share vs Antix &GEN-I

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Swiss energy company EFT has lost its dominance in business with the Albanian DSO electricity market operator which is buying the electricity to cover the losses in DSO grid. For the month of February 2015 EFT has won only 32 percent of the market share, while other power traders became more active in increasing their market share.

Meanwhile in the February auction observed significant differences (about 6 euros) between first winners AXPO with cheaper price (51.6 euros/mw) with other winners ranging from the newest entrant in the market Antix Ltd (56.9 eur/mw) and other energy traders as Gen-I (57.15) and GSA (57.3). EFT market loss of “condolences” to the highest price 57.4 EUR / MWh.

According to the public procurement JSC 01-28.02.2015 188.160 MWh was needed in value of 10,747 million euros (value excluding VAT).

Companies that expressed interest on the date 26.01.2015 are as follows: GEN-I Tirana Company Ltd, Company GEN-I doo Belgrade, the Company GEN-I Athens, Antix, ag AXPO Society, Society AXPO Albania, GSA Company Ltd , the Company EFT AG.

The Commission then proceeded procedures acquisition evaluation and negotiation with 8 producer associations / trade that brought interest in for “Purchase of electricity for the period 01-28.02.2015”.

At the conclusion of the negotiation stages the Commission determined the winners: AXPO doo Belgrade, ANTIX GEN-I Tirana; GSA Ltd and EFT AG and concretely as follows:

AXPO Company doo Belgrade: Capacity: 6 MW; Quantity: 4.032 MWh; Price / Unit: 51.60 Euro / MWh; Total value: 208.051 Euro; ANTIX Society Capacity: 40 MW; Quantity: 26.880 MWh; Price / Unit: 56.90 Euro / MWh; The total value: 1,529,472 Euros;

Company GEN-I Tirana Capacity: 60 MW; Quantity: 40.320 MWh; Price / Unit: 57.15 Euro / MWh; The total value: 2,304,288 Euros;

GSA Company Capacity: 85 MW; Quantity: 57.120 MWh; Price / Unit: 57.30 Euro / MWh; The total value: 3,272,976 Euros;

Company EFT AG: Capacity: 89 MW; Quantity: 59.808 MWh; Price / Unit: 57.40 Euro / MWh; The total value: 3,432,979 Euros;

Society EFT AG was not accepted amount of 31 MW in band profile due to the completion of the required quantity, and societies GEN-I Belgrade, Athens and GEN-I AXPO Albania was disqualified because the amount of electricity required to be purchased by DSO operator for the period 01-28.02.2015, was completed by the above companies with price / lower unit.

The above contracts is expected to be signed before 31 January 2015.

DSO operator says the following related contracts, companies AXPO doo Belgrade, ANTIX GEN-I Tirana; GSA Ltd and EFT AG will begin delivering electricity to DSO operator, under defined conditions.