Albania: Power utility company KESH sells electricity cheaper than it buys

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During last year ,Albania imported 170,000 and exported 953,000 MW hours of electricity. The demand amounted to 5.8 TW h, and the Albanian Power Corporation ( KESH) from that import has produced 5.2 TW h.

Although it can be considered a positive year for the Albanian Electric Power Industry as the domestic demand are settled with  domestic production , KESH is still facing difficulties .We learned that the increased exports reached thanks to the production of small and medium hydropower plants that all the energy produced sales KESH.

The energy that is produced by these power plants has reached 911,000 MWh. and KESH has used this amount to settle the demand of clients across CEZ Distribution , as well as for export. The worsening of the financial situation of KESH is a consequence of the fact that hydropower plants sell their electricity at a cost of at least 2.8 g of drug per kilowatt hour , and KESH is selling the same energy CEZ in the price of 2.2 Leka per kilowatt hour .

The negative balance has bad effect on finance sector of KESH since 2012. onwards when the Energy Regulatory Office made ​​the decision to help CEZ distribution. The aim was to provide financial support to former Czech company in fulfilling contractual obligations to ensure the uninterrupted supply of energy . However, to this day , RUE did not consider energy costs for the validity of this decision in the last two years . Albanian TV SCAN learned that KESH applied ERO Board to review electricity prices, a possible decision on the matter is expected to be issued in December.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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