Albania: Production from the private hydropower plants contributes to the Albania power system

, SEE Energy News

Last year the electricity production in the private hydropower plants was 250GW hours compared to the previous year. During 2012th in the private little and medium hydropower plants were produced 300 GW hours, and in 2013th 550GW hours or 11 percent of the total produced energy in the country.

Energy produced in all private hydropower plants has reached 911GW hours, considering that most energy produced HPP Bistrica I and II, HPP Uljza, which were privatized last year, HPP Asta I and II produced 211 GW hours.

According data of Albania power corporation (KESH), the energy export reached 952 GW hours last year, which is approximately close to the same amount of the energy produced in the private hydropower plants in the country.

The year behind us has an increasing result thanks to the completion of the hydropower plants construction. However, a lot remains to be done in order to fulfill the Government objective for the production of 3.5 TW hours in the private hydropower plants.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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