Albania, Provided electricity for companies at 35 kV at a price of 146 euros per MWh

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The Albanian Free Market Supplier, part of the OSHEE Group, contracted the supply of electricity for the supply of consumers connected to a voltage level of 35 kilovolts. By law, these consumers entered the liberalized market in 2018, but due to the energy crisis, they are still supplied by the public distribution company OSHEE.

Electricity will be delivered in the period from March 1 to March 31, and the procurement was realized on February 20 through the electronic platform and refers to the amount of 3,720 MWh.

Albanian media reports that seven companies participated in the tender – INFO-Telekom; EZ-5 Energy; NOA Energy; Ayen Energy Trading; GSA; ReNRGY Trading Group; Future Energy Trading and Exchange Dynamics.

3,720 MWh was provided, at a price of 146 euros per MWh, with a total value of 543,000 euros. The winner of the tender is the company INFO – Telekom.

Companies connected to 35 kilovolts are supplied by the public distribution company OSHEE after they had difficulty finding a supplier.

The government announced that, as in the case of medium voltage companies (20, 10, 6 kV) that are supplied at a partially liberalized price, it will provide support for companies connected to 35 kilovolts until the end of the state of emergency in the energy sector, which will be at effective until the end of June this year.

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