Albania: Statkraft is building the second hydropower plant on the Devoll river

, SEE Energy News

After completion of works on Banje hydropower plant on the Devoll river, a Norwegian company Statkraft invests EUR 150 million in the construction of the second hydropower plant Moglice.

After completion and commissioning of HPP Banje, this is the second hydropower plant that will be built on the Devoll river. Dam will be 150 meters high, making it one of the highest dams of its kind in the world. It will be connected to a hydropower plant with 11 kilometers long tunnel. The installed capacity will amount to 183 MW and average annual production will be 450 GWh.

Works in a tunnel are mainly completed, and there are ongoing works on the dam. All access roads have been built so far.

Deputy Prime Minister of Albania, Niko Peleshi, said that the importance of this project, in addition to increasing energy capacity by 17%, is reflected in the outstanding progress in infrastructure of the country.

So far, Statkraft has invested EUR 150 million in Albania. 1,243 workers have been engaged in the project HPP Moglice, most of whom makes domestic workers.

“The company has the highest environmental standards, there is a cooperation with local authorities. At the same time, there was an important effort of the Albanian Government to solve the problems related to infrastructure. Without solving infrastructure problems, we would not have this kind of progress. This is another proof that foreign investments constantly contribute to the progress of Albania, as well as other investments in the power sector. The new law on renewable energy sources has given the assurance that there will be greater interest in investing in hydropower plants and other alternative sources, such as solar and wind energy, “said Damian Gjinkuri, Minister of Energy and Industry.

The Project of two cascade hydropower plants on the Devoll river will increase capacities for the electricity production in Albania by 17%, enabling the production of clean energy. The total installed capacity of cascade hydropower plants will be 265 MW and the average annual production will amount around 700 GWh.