Albania, Subsidized price for consumers at high voltage 0.29 euros per kWh

, SEE Energy News

The government in Tirana has decided to provide support in the form of preferential electricity prices for companies connected to a voltage level of 35 kilovolts. We remind you that the preferential price has already been approved for companies connected to the medium voltage network.

In the conditions of the energy crisis, the supply of electricity on the liberalized market, to which high-voltage companies entered in 2018, has become more difficult. This applies not only to prices, which ranged from 35-60 lek (0.3 to 0.51 euros) per kWh, but also to supply interruptions.

The Albanian Minister for Infrastructure and Energy announced a few days ago that a mechanism was found that will help these businessmen, but will not jeopardize the functioning of the liberalized market.

According to this mechanism, electricity for the needs of customers connected to 35 kV throughout this year was contracted through a tender. It was announced on the online platform on December 23, and bids were submitted by a total of seven participants. The winner is the public production company KESH.

The total value of electricity for these consumers is EUR 14.7 million (without VAT). A total of 61,320 MWh was provided, at an average price of 240 euros per MWh.

The indicative price at which high-voltage customers will pay for electricity is around 34 lek (0.29 euros) per kWh, including VAT.

In the meantime, companies connected to 20, 10 and 6 kv will continue to be supplied at preferential prices, which ranged between 18.6 and 19.2 lek (about 0.16 euros) per kWh last year.