Hungary, The spot price of gas increased slightly, to 72.9 euros per MWh

, SEE Energy News

The weighted average spot price of gas on the day-ahead market of the Hungarian CEEGEX exchange rose slightly on Wednesday, January 11, to 72.87 euros per MWh, from 70.1 euros per MWh the previous day.

In the previous seven days, the lowest price was achieved on Friday, January 6 – 64.96 euros per MWh. The average weekly price is 70.3 euros per MWh, which is approximately the same as the previous week.

Trade volume has almost doubled in the last three days, from 53,784 MWh on Monday to 101,880 MWh on Wednesday. Such a large volume has not been recorded since mid-December, with the exception of the period from January 3 to 6, when it exceeded 110 MWh.

On the intraday market, the last transactions were realized on January 9, at prices ranging from 70.3 to 71.9 euros per MWh.