Albania:110MEUR for construction of 9 HPPs by Israel investor

, SEE Energy News

Israel Company will begin construction of 9 small HPPs in municipality Ljekbibaj in Topola region. The value of investments is 110 million EUR. Everything is ready for beginning of works considering that these projects are reconsidered and adopted. Two other plants are being intensively worked on in the same part of the country and they have one Italian Company as investor. Works are in progress and they shall be over soon.

HPPs will be constructed on Curaj River, Mala Reka and Sera Potok- Mayor of Ljekbibaj Municipality, Gazim Mesaj, confirms. According to his words, several tunnels will be constructed for needs of these plants, one of these tunnels will be 3.1 km long.

Expectations that construction of these 9 HPPs will contribute to employment of citizens from these 12 villages what will positively influence on improvement of economy condition of citizens from these municipalities whose only incomes are assets from social help in 80% of cases.

We shall mention that hydrology reserves are significant in this municipality and they are achievable for exploitation enabling construction of small HPPs with sufficient economy usability for investor.

Possibilities for construction of small HPPs are very good in northeast area with many water resources. That contributed to planning of over 38 small HPPs construction in Kukes region which borders Tropoj. HPP on River Valjbona is being intensively worked on in Mergegaj Municipality. One dam has been constructed so far and construction of command hall.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Al gov