Bosnia and Herzegovina: Business plan for EPBiH until 2023

, SEE Energy News

The 2021-2023 Business Plan was adopted by the shareholders of Bosnian power utility EPBiH. The plan envisages investments of some 850 million euros.

Among the most significant projects whose construction should begin in 2021 are unit 7 at coal-fired thermal power plant tuzla and a small hydropower plant on the Neretvica river. Also, the construction of HPP Vranduk is expected to continue, with the projects for the construction of HPPs Janjici and Una Kostela – Aneks and Vlasic wind farm. The value of the planned projects is over 2 billion euros. The goal is for wind farm Podvelezje and SHPP on the Neretvica river to be in operation by the end of the three-year period.

According to the business plan, total investments in electricity production will amount to some 170 million euros, in electricity distribution about 100 million euros and around 2 million euros in supply and trading segment of the company. About 35 million euros is planned for the recapitalization of coalmines.

The plan also envisages the construction of a desulphurization units at unit 6 of TPP Tuzla and unit 7 of TPP Kakanj. In addition, the revitalization of the mentioned blocks and the rehabilitation of HPP Jablanica are planned.

According to the plan, EPBiH will produce 18,433 GWh of electricity in a three-year period, by consuming 13.9 million tons of coal. The company also plans to significantly increase electricity production from renewable energy sources.