Bosnia and Herzegovina: Elektroprijenos’ investment in transmission network

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Elektroprijenos BiH will invest more than 22.5 million euros in electricity transmission network, with additional projects worth 8.7 million euros in the pipeline. In May, Elektroprijenos BiH signed contract for the construction of four new substations worth almost 11 million euros, as well as contracts for the reconstruction of three substations.

In addition, investments include the rehabilitation of the transmission line Jablanica-Mostar 1in the amount of 4.75 million euros and the construction of a new transmission line Mostar 4 – Mostar 9 in the amount of 1.6 million euros.

The Federal Government said that it is also in the process of tender or preparation for signing contracts with contractors for a transmission line with a connection for the Zivinice substation worth 2.5 million euros and two substations, Sarajevo 12 and Sarajevo 14, worth around 3 million euros each, and the purchase of 19 new power transformers.


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