Bosnia and Herzegovina, EPBiH to extend the operation of TPP Tuzla unit 4 and TPP Kakanj unit 5

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Bosnian power utility EPBiH announced that, in the new circumstances that have led to serious energy disruptions in Europe and increased energy demand, the extension of operation of units 4 at TPP Tuzla and unit 5 at TPP Kakanj will allow the company to continue production from these plants and ensure sufficient electricity volumes to meet the needs of its customers, thus preserving the stability of the country’s electricity system and its energy independence.

With high operational readiness of available capacities and extension of operational life of these two units, EPBiH will be able to meet the electricity needs of both the commercial and residential consumers and contribute to mitigating the consequences that will inevitably occur in case of reduced gas supply.

The company points out that preserving energy independence by providing sufficient quantities of electricity from its own capacities, in a situation where energy shocks at the international level cause problems that affect all spheres of work and life and unpredictability of further developments, is crucial for the smooth functioning of the economy.

Thus, the proposal for the extension of operational life of unit 4 at TPP Tuzla and unit 5 at TPP Kakanj has been sent by the Federal Government to the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH).

Both units were supposed to be decommissioned by the end of 2021.

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