Bosnia and Herzegovina, ERS will have annual net profit of some 155 million euros

, SEE Energy News

Director of Bosnian power utility ERS Luka Petrovic said that the company, after the completion of five energy projects currently in development, will have annual net profit of some 155 million euros.

Petrovic said that the projects in development will increase the company’s installed capacity by 30 %, adding that the value of the five energy projects is around 750 million euros. He expects these projects to be operation by the end of 2026, which will increase electricity generation by 1,100 GWh per year.

He said that the first project to be completed is the solar power plant Trebinje 1, followed by hydropower plants Bistrica and Dabar. The other two projects are a series of HPPs on the Drina river, developed in cooperation with Serbian EPS, and wind farm Hrgud.

He said that, with the completion of these projects, ERS could count on additional 200 million euros in annual revenues, with the average electricity price of 200 euros/MWh. HPP Dabar alone will have annual net profit of some 30 million euros with estimated annual electricity generation of 550 GWh.

Petrovic said that ERS is also planning new investments, such as HPPs Bileca and Mrsovo 2, as well as solar power plants Ljubinje 1 and Ljubinje 2. The construction of HPPs Sutorina and Boka, in cooperation with Montenegro, is also planned.

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