Bosnia and Herzegovina, FBiH Governmnet plans to buy Capljina oil terminal

, SEE Energy News

The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) has tasked the operator of entity‟s oil terminals OTF to assess the condition of the abandoned oil terminal in Dretelj near Capljina with the goal of the potential acquisition.

Dretelj oil terminal has not been used for over two decades, it is owned by Hercegovacka Banka, which is in liquidation since 2012. The terminal has 12 reservoirs with combined capacity of 24 million liters of oil and oil derivatives.

In 2020, OTF commissioned the reconstructed oil terminal in Zivinice, which enabled FBiH to hold emergency oil reserves. Namely, one of the obligations set by the Energy Community is the provision of oil reserves for 90 days, which should be fulfilled after the reconstruction of oil terminals in Blazuj, Mostar and Bihac.

Currently, FBiH has eight operational oil terminals: four land-based, one offshore and three for military purposes, with total capacity of 200 million liters.