Bosnia and Herzegovina, M.T. Abraham Group is working intensively on the restart of the electrolysis plant

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Chinese-Israeli M.T. Abraham Group, the owner of aluminium manufacturer Aluminij Mostar, is working intensively on the restart of the electrolysis plant and gives strong support to energy transition towards green energy and low-carbon electricity generation.

In short-term, M.T. Abraham Group is planning to invest in renewable energy projects in order to assure stable and reliable supply of electricity for its own consumption. It plans to invest some 32 million euros in the construction of solar power plant that will supply 68,000 MWh of electricity per year to Aluminij. It has already started activities on obtaining necessary permits and finding the most favorable model of financing .

Aluminij Mostar has been disconnected from the electricity network in July 2019. Therefore, the largest electricity consumer in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has stopped production. When it worked at full capacity, Aluminij was accounted for a quarter of total consumption in BiH. The company was later acquired by Chinese-Israeli M.T. Abraham Group via the 30-years lease agreement. Aluminium production was partially resumed in November 2020.

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