Bosnia and Herzegovina: Podvelezje wind farm – turbine foundation completed

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Foundation for the first turbine of Podvelezje 48 MW wind farm project has been completed and this will be the first of 15 foundations for wind turbines, announced Bosnian power utility EPBiH.

The statement from the company said that concreting of all 15 foundations for wind turbines will be completed by the end of August. The construction of the first wind farm in company’s portfolio started in early May. The contractor for the construction of the wind farm is a consortium of Croatian subsidiary of Siemens Games and Danish Wind Power. However, for the construction of the foundations local companies were subcontracted. Preparatory works for the project were completed in February, when EPBiH said that it has completed works on the construction of a 110/30 kV transformer station, medium-voltage cable network and telecommunications network for the future needs of the facility. The project for the construction of Podvelezje wind farms envisages that the future power plant will have installed capacity of 48 MW and annual generation of some 115 GWh of electricity. This will be the first state-owned wind farm build in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the biggest post-war investment by EPBiH. The initial estimate was that the project should be finished by the end of 2019 and it will be operated under the 30-years concession contract, with an extension option. The value of the investment is estimated at 82 million euros and the funding will be provided through a loan by the German KfW Bank. Last year, project’s manager Semir Nurkovic said that EPBiH expects to commission the wind farm in February 2021.




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