Bosnia and Herzegovina: This year an increase of electricity prices for residential consumers expected

, SEE Energy News

During this year, electricity prices for residential consumers in the Republic of Srpska (RS) will be increased, according to state-owned power utility ERS, mostly due to increased costs of the largest electricity producer – TPP Ugljevik. TPP Ugljevik provides about a third of electricity in the Republic of Srpska.

General Director of ERS Luka Petrovic said that coalmine and thermal power plant (RiTE) Ugljevik had a significant investment in the installation of a flue gas desulphurization system. Due to that, this power plant initiated the procedure for increasing the regulated production price of electricity, which was approved by the Regulatory Commission for Energy (RERS).

Therefore, ERS, as a public supplier, will send a request for a change in the price of electricity for residential consumers. It it is not yet known by how much the price of electricity will be increased, because it is necessary to do an analysis first. In general, the request to the regulator for a new price of electricity will certainly not be sent before April.

In late 2020, RERS approved 15 % higher purchase price of electricity for RiTE Ugljevik. According to initial estimates, annual revenues from electricity sales of RiTE Ugljevik will reach over 29 million euros, which is by some 3.5 million euros more than before. However, the producer’s initial request was not entirely fulfilled because they asked for an increase of 20 %.