Bosnia and Herzegovina: Vlasic wind farm construction preparations in progress

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Preparations for the construction of two wind farms – Vlasic and Bitovlje are in progress, Admir Andelija Acting Director of Bosnian power utility EPBiH said in an interview.

Andelija explained that, in addition to the start of construction of Podvelezje wind farm, activities toward the preparation of the construction of Vlasic and Bitovlje wind farms are in progress, and the company also expects to start the construction of small hydro power plants on the Neretvica river. Additional challenge for EPBiH would the start of works on HPP Ustikolina on the Drina river, but also to try to find a solution for the construction of hydropower plants in the upper flow of the Neretva river through talks with the FBiH Government and the local community.

The concession contract for Vlasic wind farm was signed between EPBiH and Middle Bosnia Canton (MBC) in late 2011. The concession was granted in period of 30 years, with extension option, where the annual concession fee was set at 1.5 % of overall electricity sales. The wind farm would consist of 10 wind turbines with combined installed capacity of 50 MW, generation about 115 GWh of electricity per year. It was initially estimated that the wind farm would be operational in 2019 and that the construction would cost up to 70 million euros.

Earlier this month, EPBiH started the construction of foundations for 15 wind turbines of the future Podvelezje wind farm. The project for the construction of Podvelezje wind farms envisages that the future power plant will have installed capacity of 48 MW and annual generation of some 115 GWh of electricity. This will be the first state-owned wind farm build in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the biggest post-war investment by EPBiH. The initial estimate was that the project should be finished by the end of 2019 and it will be operated under the 30-years concession contract, with an extension option. The value of the investment is estimated at 82 million euros and the funding will be provided through a loan by the German KfW Bank. Last year, project’s manager Semir Nurkovic said that EPBiH expects to commission the wind farm in February 2021.