Bosnia: Avaz discloses Rudnap trading mechanism with Bosnian Power utility company

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On 3 January this year ,the state company ” Electric HZ HB ” signed the procurement contract  to obtain electricity supply with the company “Rudnap “, owned by a businessman Vojin Lazarevic from  Belgrade . The contract values a total of 25MEUR and the price does not include VAT ,reveals bosnian paper ” Daily Avaz”

This confirms our previous articles on a circuit that goes around for years between two federal  EP and the Belgrade company “Rudnap”, that causes a multimillion damage to the Federation of BIH.

The contract of sale of electricity is published in the “Official Gazette”

According to a carefully thought plan, “Electric BiH” with Director Elvedin Grabovica (SDP), who works under the direction of the party boss and his mentor Zlatko Lagumdžije, has been selling for years the surpluses of electricity to “RUDNAP”. Then “Rudnap” that same electricity trades back to EPHZHB at much higher prices.

According to the agreement between the EPBIH and “Rudnap,” the average price for delivered electricity is an 55 euros per megawatt.

But that very same electricity “Rudnap” then sells to EPHZHB at price of 57.8 euros per megawatt. This practically means that for every retraded  megawatt “Rudnap” makes a profit of extra three euros.

Intermediary in transactions

So “Rudnap”, in fact, acts as an intermediary between these both  BH. electro industry.

By this planned trading of surplus electricity, which starts from Sarajevo to Mostar, through Belgrade, Belgrade-based company earns extra tens of millions of marks.

Niksic knows, but is silent

Circuitry EPBIH and “Rudnap” for years are familiar leaders and  head people of FBiH, namely SDP Prime Minister Nermin Niksic.

However, Niksic  keeps silent about these shady practices, knowing that the final words leads  SDP staff, only follow the footsteps of their corrupted predecessors from the SBIH, like Amer Jerlagic a former director of EPBIH, which leads to an imminent collapse of whole energy sector in BiH.

Source; Bosnia Dnevni Avaz

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