Bosnia: Electric Power Industry in the Federation will have to lay off many workers in 2015

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Free electricity market, which should become functional in the 2015 in BiH, will bring to its citizens lower prices of electricity, while the power companies have to lay off workers.
In the first phase there will be a decline in the cost of electricity to large customers, which is the obligation of the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the European Union guidelines. EPIs will be under competitive pressure and a need to reduce labor force.

According to the relevant Federal Minister Erdal Trhulj, soon will begin serious restructuring of the two public companies that generate electricity in the Federation, which have a monopoly for many years.
“Restructuring of the power utilities will lead to the separation of the generation, distribution and supply, which is something that Europe is carrying out. Separation of distribution creates the conditions for private hydropower plants, solar, wind power plants to have equal access to the distribution network and all suppliers. In this way, conditions are creating for the liberalization of the electricity market,” Trhulj recently said.
Thus the conditions for the arrival of electricity traders are creating. Already, except Slovenian GENI-I which supplies “Aluminij”, FBiH has two domestic suppliers who are not able to start work due to administrative barriers.
“Electricity prices for industry could immediately be reduced from 7% to 13% ,” Trhulj said.
According to him, the citizens are now paying expensive electricity prices due to redundant workers in the electric power companies.
“By separation of production, distribution and supply it will be shown that both companies for supply in EPB and EPHZ HB will not be competitive with the private suppliers and this will prove surplus of labor. There will be clearly seen a burden of paying people because of the excess number of employees in both the electric power industries,” Trhulj was clear.
In order to secure their jobs from the Independent Trade Union of Employees, in March, HB EPHZ already held a joint meeting of the Coordination Team of Electricity Unions in BiH. At the meeting was concluded that due to that situation in the energy sector and the announcement of restructuring and liberalization of the electricity market, it was necessary to hold an emergency meeting, in order to be achieved joint agreement on mandatory work activities that would take place in case of a strike.

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