Bosnia: Energy company holding adopted business and investment plan until 2015, RES projects beside modernization of TPPs

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Planned investments for the next three years’ period amount 800MEUR where 100MEUR is planned for power generation modernization activity, 90MEUR for DSO companies, 1,3MEUR for supply, 500MEUR for capital investments, 80mEUR for recapitalization of coal mine and black coal mine that are included in holding of Bosnian federation energy company EPBiH and 30MEUR for common projects.

Individual projects whose realization start is planned in 2013 are HPP “Vranduk”, small HPPs on Neretvica and WPP “Podvelezje”. Start of constructions of HPP “Janjici” and “Una Kostela” annex of TPP Block 7 in TPP “Tuzla” is planned in 2015.

Shareholders representatives adopted changes and additions to the decisions for investments in coal mines and black coal mines that are consisted in EPBiH, from 2010 and 2011.

New deadline for realization of investments from 2010 is 31.12.2013 in mines “Zenica” and “Abid Lolic”, 31.12.2014 for mines “Kreka”, “Breza”, “Djurdjevik” and “Gracanica”, and 31.12.2016 is prolonged deadline for black coal mine “Kakanj”.
Changed deadline for realization of investments from 2011 is 31.12.2014 for all mines except black coal mine “Kakanj”, which has newly adopted deadline 31.12.2016.

Reason foe delay in investment realization is long-term law procedures in public supplies.

Strategic goals determined with the Business Plan of PC EPBiH for period 2013-2015 are constructions of new replacement thermal capacities and new power gen facilities from renewable energy sources, restricting and modernization of mines and PC EPBiH, gradual redirecting from reconstruction and revitalization of existing objects to the construction of new objects with modern technological processes of electricity production.

Decision that referred to recapitalization of mine with introduction of SAP Information System in coal mines and black coal mines that are consisted in EPBiH, was not adopted at 27th Parliamet of PC EPBiH.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk/EPBiH