Bosnia: Environmental Impact Study for Wind Power Plant “Poklečani”

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“Electric Power Industry Mostar HZHB” plans to build a wind power plant in the municipality of Poklecani Posusje. Study of the impact on the environment and society is prepared, created by the Institute for Hydrotechnics of Engineering Faculty in Sarajevo, and the company has invited all interested parties to provide comments, suggestions and opinions until 10 October.

In April 2010, the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina was officially entrusted “Electric Power Industry HZHB” for the preparation and construction of the WPP “Poklecani.”

As a first step, “Electric Power Industry HZHB” has requested permission to install a 50-meter pillar in the area where the wind farm is planned to be constructed, which was approved on 23 June 2010. After the municipality issued a zoning permit, measurements started in November 2010 and it is still going.

According to data from reports on the measurements of 14 November 2010 to 21 August 2012, average wind speed was 8 meters per second at an altitude of 50 meters. The proposed wind farm consists of 36 wind turbines arranged in two rows.

The goal of the environmental and social evaluation is to provide information about the potential negative and positive environmental and social impacts of the project. Also, this evaluation provides recommendations for reduction of potential negative impacts and improving positive. For this purpose, a field visit of the project area was made and all the potential environmental impacts of the project activities have been identified, evaluated and documented.

In early 2013, the government of West Herzegovina County has decided to award the concession to “Electric Power Industry HZHB” Mostar for the use of wind power for the purpose of construction and operation of wind farms in the locality in the municipality Rakitna Posusje.

“WYG International” authorized company “Meteotest” for the assessment of wind power for WPP “Poklecani.”

In the next phase of the project it will be necessary to address the municipal council of the municipality Posušje, with a request for conversion, for declaration of public interest and the expropriation of land for construction of WPP “Poklecani” with accompanying substation.

Source; Serbia Energy see desk/EPBiH

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