Croatia:Government Action Plan Restricts Renewable Energy warns wind energy developers

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IGovernment’s National Action Plan for Renewable Energy will significantly restrict the development of this sector by 2020, warns community of RES under HGK in a letter addressed to the Minister Vrdoljak. The letter warns that investors who have already launched projects and entered the process of obtaining permits could raise the issue of compensation, if they were not able to realize their projects.

The share of RES, which in 2005 was 12.8%, is limited to 20.1%. The quota for wind power plant of 400 MW, based on signed contracts with HROTE is filled so far. FN systems under the plan will remain at a level of 52 MW, and growth is projected for the production from hydroelectric power plants by 15%, which means an increase in capacity to 373 MW, to a total of 2158 MW. Under the plan follows the growth of geothermal sources (total 10 MW) and of biomass power plants (125 MW).

“This plan for us is negative, it is disastrous and I hope it never sees the light of day, that the government will not adopt it,” said Mirko Tunjić owner of EHN, while President of HSUSE Ljubomir Majdandžić warns that Croatia is already at the bottom, at 28 . place in the EU by use of solar energy, and by this the action plan is going back for hundred years. Potentials for FN are 520 MW, he says.

Source; Serbia Energy see desk

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