Bosnia: FBiH Government gave the green light for the construction of hydropower facilities, power exceeding 10 MW

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The federal government accepted the information on the possibility of using hydro potential for the construction of hydropower facilities in the Federation of installed capacity greater than 10 MW. In this document it was stated that the Federation has significant unexploited hydroelectric potential, with the possibility of building new facilities whose total installed capacity is estimated at 2,400 MW, and the energy of 5,500 GWh, which should serve the energy sector development and economic growth in general.

Activities holders of preparation and construction are in charge of the decision on declaration of public interest and the accession to preparation construction of priority power facilities, also the choice of strategic partners and entering into granting concessions and individual decisions stated in this information and to provide complete information to Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry .

It is about realized and planned activities so far for the following period, updated timelines for implementation, the problems that followed the implementation of the preparation and construction of priority projects, including a statement regarding their own real capabilities, scope and number of priority projects, which, in its sole discretion, may be implemented in the period up to 2020.

Also, the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry, after obtaining analytical assessment of the submitted data, is obliged to inform the Government of Federation BiH and to suggest possible ways and models of undertaking the activity in the future of public and private sector in the Federation.

It is necessary to have planning and intensive implementation of projects of construction of hydropower facilities, in accordance with the Strategic Plan and the Programme for the Development of the energy sector in the Federation and the Government Decision on declaration of public interest in the preparation and construction of energy facilities, including facilities that are not covered by government decisions.

In this way, the security of supply of the Federation with electricity would be long-term enabled, creating new jobs, sustainable development, economic development as a whole, as well as the fulfillment of the obligations assumed under international agreements concerning the use of renewable energy and environmental protection.

Source; Serbia Energy see desk

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