Bosnia: Gen-I cross border 100MW electricity supply contract to Mostar Alluminum company

9. August 2013. / SEE Energy News

Mostar’s Aluminij and Slovenian Company Gen-I have signed a purchase-sale contract of 100 MWHs for the period until 31 December 2013. Gen-I already made significant market penetration in Croatia pushing out Croatian energy company HEP to modify its prices of delivery.

“We have collected several offers from different producers and electricity traders from the area of South East Europe during July. We have determined that the offer from Gen-I is most affordable. When we add transfer expenses to the arranged price for remained period of 2013, we will still buy cheaper electricity from Slovenian partner with the reference to the electricity we have been buying so far”, Director of “Aluminij”, Ivo Bradvica, commented.

Total Alumij’s annual needs for electricity amount 225MWHs considering that part of 100 MWHs has been bought from Croatian power utility so far. Company had to change this contact because of Croatia’s EU accession when it became unprofitable for Aluminij. Mostar’s company has a contract with HZ Bosnian power utility for the rest 125 MWHs- it is stated in an announcement.

The new contract will help Aluminij to continue production only after business stoppage has threatened to it in June because of high energy expenses and low prices of metal.


Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Aluminij

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