Bosnia; Government approves 35MEUR EBRD loan agreement for HPPs “Vranduk” and “Una Kostela”

6. August 2013. / SEE Energy News

Federal government gave previous agreement for credit assignment of public company “BiH Power Utility Company” from Sarajevo to the Europan Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in purpose of project realization of HPP “Vranduk” and HPP “Una Kostela” construction and rehabilitation and extension of HPP “Una Kostela” capacities with amount of 35 MEUR.

Credit is with 12 years period, with grace period of two years, which is included in repayment period, with interest rate of six month EURIBOR plus 3% margin on the annual level.

Funds from this credit it would be used for financing of HPP “Vranduk” project in amount of 26 MEUR and Project of rehabilitation and expansion of HPP “Una Kostela” capacities in amount of 4,5 MEUR.

Source;Serbia Energy See desk

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