Bosnia: Import of petroleum products increased 25.8%

5. June 2015. / SEE Energy News

In the first quarter of 2015 the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina imported 169,410 tons of petroleum products, which is around 25.87% more than in the same period last year when it imported 134,588 tons, show the data of the Ministry of Trade FBiH.

Most petroleum products were imported from the Croatia 95.957 t (56.64%), followed by Serbia 20.630 t (12.18%), Italy 20 366 t (12.02%), etc.

The biggest importer is “Holdina” from Sarajevo with 107,922 tons or 63.70% t of market share, followed by Sarajevo “Petrol BH Oil Company” 31,491 tons or 18.59%, “G-Petrol” Sarajevo with 19,587 tons or 11.56 %, and “Hifa-Oil” from Tesanj with 7,595 tons, or 4.48%.

In the period from January to March 2015, from the “Oil Refinery Brod” or other supplier from RS was purchased a total of 50,702 tons of petroleum products, which is around 18.57% more compared to the same period last year when it was purchased 42,766 tons.

Most purchases were from the “Optima Group” Banja Luka which is around 92.97% (47.136 t), while the rest of the quantities of petroleum products were purchased from companies “Reunion” Banja Luka, “Super Petrol” Banja Luka, “Gagi – Trans” Banja Luka, “Igmin MM” and directly from “Oil Refinery Brod.”

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